Customers have changed. Retail staff has not.

Invest in the Smart Store!

Connected customers are doing everything online nowadays, while retailers are still selling like it’s 1999. Retail was the art of staff selling stuff in a store, but customers expect smarter sales staff and easy in-store experiences.

Count3r creates Smart Stores. Our tablet app for retail staff serves customers digitally from entrance to exit. Our platform is the center of every sales conversation, provides all vital information, and makes stores truly data-driven.

€ 250,000 of € 250,000 invested

Everybody benefits with Count3r


  • Employees with Count3r's tablet app sell 20% more (confirmed in various stores)
  • We serve staff to sell better immediately. Employees are up and running in one hour
  • Count3r provides staff with all information needed. We help staff to stop memorizing product details, and start building relationships with customers again


  • Count3r facilitates Smart Stores. We seamlessly blend online and offline into one customer journey and enable every checkout imaginable
  • No more waiting in lines to hand over hard-earned money. Count3r facilitates payment with every employee, anywhere in the store
  • Our special algorithms help staff to advise customers better and more personalized


  • We do not interfere with legacy IT systems. Count3r is set up in weeks, not years
  • Our app collects data of every interaction between staff and customers, enabling stores to continuously optimize sales processes
  • Conversion and cross-selling are vital. We are first to boost offline talks with online tricks

Achievements so far

We are proud of as our launching customer

  • Roll-out
    Contractual roll-out commitment to all 49 Media Markt stores in the Netherlands (link)
  • Investment
    Strategic investment by MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group (MMS) in 2016
  • Accelerator program
    Selected for the MMS Spacelab Accelerator as one of only three startups globally
  • Pilot
    Executed 12 paid pilots, in 7 stores, generating revenue for over 2 years

Other things we have achieved

  • Winner of the jury prize for Best Retail Innovation 2017 (link)
  • Spin-off from Delft University of Technology and co-funded by Delft Enterprises
  • Raised €600k from multiple investors
  • Founded in 2013 as an online decision support platform, and pivoted in 2015 to the current tablet assisted sales app
  • Accepted to Rockstart startup community in 2015

Sales funnel

Appeared in

Investment opportunity

We want to grow. Therefore, Count3r is raising a minimum amount of €250.000 to invest in sales, marketing and implementation. When we surpass this target, we aim to speed up our expansion internationally and ultimately move to other industries. We focus on retailers in the Netherlands first, but aim to grow to the rest of BeNeLux and Germany afterwards

We invite you to invest in Count3r:

  • Sign up now for the convertible loan. Convert to shares of the company or receive full repayment including 8% simple annual interest after 60 months
  • Conversion to shares happens along with the next investment round. Investors in the current crowdfunding round can convert at a 15-30% discount
  • Investors of the first €150k will receive an additional 5% early-bird conversion discount
  • Count3r has been valued at €2M in Q3 2016
  • Count3r aims to find a follow-up investment (and conversion moment) in Q2 2018
  • We are close to profitability and expect to reach it by the end of 2018 (at the latest)
  • We offer special rewards for investors of €250 or more



Unique Selling Points

Revenue model


Current Status

Planned Developments


Target group

Market size


Current customers

Customer Feedback

New customers


Sales pitch

Marketing and sales channels

Marketing objective



Realised and expected revenue


Investments so far

Investment need

Use of proceeds

ROI and exit policy



Peter van der Bel - Co-founder & Director

Peter has 30+ years of entrepreneurial experience. His work is at the crossroads of behavioral science, technology and business. He successfully started, built and exited ventures before, amongst others PiCompany.

Tim Pellikaan - Co-founder & Head of Product

Tim initiated Count3r during his master theses, earning him MSc degrees in Industrial Design Engineering and Information Sciences, with an honours degree in entrepreneurship. Before that he learned valuable lessons at a startup that failed.

Jori de Goede - Co-founder & Developer

Jori is an experienced front/back-end developer. Before Jori joined Count3r he worked more than eight years on C-level projects for companies such as Walt Disney Studios, BelVilla and KLM.

Mighael Vroom - Head of Business

Mighael is a MSc from both London Business School and Delft University of Technology. Before Count3r he worked at several startups and also has experience starting one. At Count3r, Mighael manages business development and the implementation for our customers.

Tim de Wolf - Lead Developer

Tim is a wizard and full-stack developer with 10 years of experience in PHP, Node.JS, Angular, MySQL, front-end design, and mobile applications.

Alexander Kleipool - Business Development & Marketing

After Alex finished his studies at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences he started directly at Count3r. With compassion and empathy he is responsible for new business, marketing and customer relationship building.

Jan Schoormans - Advisor

Jan is professor consumer research & behavior at Delft University of Technology. This expertise, combined with his matter of fact attitude, makes him the perfect advisor for both solicited and unsolicited advice in product development and strategy.

Fadhlur Fadhlurrohman - Intern

Fadhlur is the silent force behind our designs and employee dashboard. Next to that he beats everybody at Fifa '17 at our office.


Physical retail is the art of staff selling stuff in a store. For ages this was the only way to sell things, until online shopping completely reshaped retail. Customers have changed and physical retailers forgot to change along with them.

Retail spending stayed the same


On staff to sell stuff to shoppers

(≈ 50% of gross margin)


On stores to show stuff to shoppers

(≈ 30% of gross margin)

Shoppers expect stores to do more


More knowledgeable sales staff

(78% of respondents 1)


Easier store & checkout processes

(68% of respondents 1)

Count3r turns physical stores into Smart Stores. Our personalized tablet app for sales staff enables them to sell the way customers want to buy today. We help sales staff, consumers and retailers.

Sales staff gets the best technology from online shopping and more, but tailored to physical stores, such as: product facts, stock data, product filtering & comparison, reviews, sales tips & tricks, training, sales conversation support, upselling & cross-selling support, and easy checkout & payment.

Search information

Filter products

Sales scripting

Cross-selling support

Employee chat

Consumers get better advice, are served quicker, and can pay anywhere in the store. This leads to more satisfied customers.

Compare products

Decision wizard

Online assortment

Omnichannel order

Payment at table

Retailers receive data from Count3r for more insight in their customers and employees. This allows retailers to constantly improve sales processes and customer experience. Their staff is able to work quicker and more efficiently, resulting in more and profitable sales.

Rich data collection

Rich data dashboards


Advanced NPS & CES

Loyalty program

Count3r makes physical stores fit our digital world and become Smart Stores.

1 PwC, Total Retail Survey, 2016 & 2017 (reports)

Unique Selling Points

Sell 20% more immediately - Staff with Count3r sells more (per hour and per transaction). We have repeatedly shown that employees can be trained in only one hour and produce better results immediately. According to Deloitte the potential is even bigger: "using digital devices in stores lifts conversion rates by 40 to 70%" (the digital divide, 2015).

All information, all the time - We are living in the information age, yet most sales associates are still disconnected. Count3r brings all information staff needs to sell on every department: product information, sales support, and much more.

Made for people, not machines - Sales associates are the beating heart of stores. That is why Count3r builds software explicitly for employees. Traditional ERP, PIM and CRM systems serve legacy IT systems. We bring the IT jungle together in one app, reduce complexity, and serve staff to do what they like best: spending time with customers.

Easy integration - We do not interfere with current IT infrastructures, a simple API connection or data feed will do. Count3r is set up in weeks, not years.

Turning stores data-driven - Count3r tablets are where the action is: in the middle of every sales conversation. This unleashes new sorts of in-store data and insights that were unimaginable before. We finally turn the offline store into a data-driven powerhouse!

Increasing store profitability - Severe price competition has put strain on business models of retailers. Nudging customers towards profitable shopping baskets is vital. We are the first to apply online cross-selling and upselling methods during in-store sales conversations.

Save on staff costs - Count3r's technology helps sales associates sell anything on every department. This allows for significant cost savings in staff deployment.

Best of both worlds - Too many retailers confuse customers with disconnected online and offline customer journeys. Count3r creates seamless omnichannel experiences, enabling customers to continue online journeys in-store, facilitating every delivery or pick-up possibility, and allowing to pay anywhere in the store.

The best product advice - Too much choice is paralyzing. Count3r's proprietary decision algorithms support staff to recommend customers their perfect product in seconds.

Revenue model

Count3r is sold to large (international) retail chains as a semi-custom SaaS (Software as as Service) solution. This solution is first optimized to the specific retailer's needs and then rolled out to all stores. This results in the following two revenue streams:

Pilot phase - Retailers have unique needs. We listen to those needs in order to adapt, test and implement our core-technology to become their semi-custom Count3r sales staff app during a 3 to 6 months co-creation period. This is offered for a fixed all-in monthly fee of €10k to €25k.

Roll-out phase - After the pilot phase, a roll-out agreement is reached with the (inter)national headquarters of the retailer. The app is made available on a monthly licence fee per employee of €49. This fee includes product roll-out, employee training, updates, maintenance, and support. We are currently generating revenue with this model.

Future revenue streams could include additional software licences and performance-based models. The extra licences come from advanced business intelligence or customized features for retailers. The performance model creates a win-win for retailer and Count3r, and makes most sense when numbers of transactions increase.


The Count3r tablet app was built from the ground-up and used in several Media Markt stores for 1,5 years. During extensive testing the app proved stable and fast. With the necessary functionality for retailers developed and tested, the app is now ready for scaling. The following aspects have been anticipated for successful scaling.

Integration with retailers - Our app is easy to integrate, retailers don't have to rebuild legacy IT systems, but we connect to their existing systems. This is all done during the pilot phase.

Content - Most content for the app (e.g. product information) is made available by retailers. This can be supplemented with detailed product content from our partners (e.g. Icecat).

App distribution - The app is available in Apple's Enterprise App Store (the business-to-business App Store). This makes distributing and regularly updating the app remotely to thousands of iPads quick and easy.

Tablet supply - Some retailers, like Media Markt, will equip employees with personal tablets and manage technical support themselves. Customers who do not want to arrange tablets themselves can lease them via our partner NivoPlus.

Technical scaling - Count3r is built 100% on web-based technologies. This allows us to scale to 100,000's of users quickly. Amazon Web Services facilitates our servers and content hosting. As a backup, we use local storage on the iPad in case of bad WiFi connection.

Support - We offer support in tight cooperation with the retailer. The Count3r app offers features to easily report errors or give product feedback to our team. These are then handled in real-time and can be updated in the stores directly. The retailer is responsible for store infrastructure, such as WiFi and possibly some hardware.

Current Status

  • The Count3r app is ready for scale-up and roll-out with Media Markt:The app is fully developed and ready to be rolled-out to all Media Markt stores in the Netherlands (contractually agreed).
  • All relevant integrations with Media Markt systems have been made successfully (e.g. stock levels, order management and real-time prices).
  • Product content from both Media Markt and Icecat is always up-to-date, and the app is registered in Apple's Enterprise App Store for large-scale deployment on iPads.
  • Various technical Integrations have been made with our partners, for improved cross-selling, payment, and delivery capabilities.

Planned Developments

We believe in the Smart Store. Therefore, we have planned the following general development milestones to realize our vision.

Q2 2017

Seamless omnichannel checkouts

This includes online orders, smart cross-selling, mobile payment, flexible delivery planning and more. Most of these features have already been developed or are currently being developed.

Q3 2017

Rich store & staff data collection

This includes improved employee data dashboards, staff knowledge crowdsourcing, advanced net promoter score measurement & analysis, loyalty program integration and more.

Q4 2017

Data-driven in-store sales conversations

This includes advanced sales conversation support, reasons to buy, demographics data, customer identification, enterprise business intelligence integration and more.


Central retail staff platform for the Smart Store

This includes third-party integrations (e.g. with for example Speakap, beacons, or retail software packages), product and customer personality matching Internet-of-things integrations, gamification and more.


Target group

Employees are a physical retailer's biggest expense, but retailers do too little to help staff stay relevant in a changing retail landscape. Count3r explicitly serves employees and boosts the return on investment of retail staff.

Count3r targets large and heavily staffed retail chains that want their (often) hundreds of stores and thousands of employees to better fit our digital world. We focus on companies that sell durable goods, where purchases are non-routine and customers are highly involved buyers. Relevant retail sectors include: consumer electronics, bicycles, furniture, toys, kitchen, home improvement, and many more.

Market size

Obtainable market for Count3r in the Netherlands: €41.7 million

The global market for Smart Store and retail staff performance improvement technology is enormous and rapidly growing. Count3r's long-term ambition is global, but we believe in mastering the local market first. The Netherlands is a guiding country in retail: innovations are rapidly adopted by customers and there is a strong presence of target (multinational) retail chains.

Total revenues of the Dutch physical retail market alone already amount to €100 billion of which approximately 35% is within Count3r's scope of durable goods chains. 2, 3 These retailers spend roughly 15% of this total revenue on staff. 2, 4 According to a recent study by McKinsey, as much as 53% of all current retail work activities could disappear due to productivity gains and automation. 5 Hence, the total available retail staff automation & productivity improvement market for physical durable goods chains in Netherlands is estimated to total €2.8 billion.

Count3r's tablet assisted sales technology helps retailers increase labour effectiveness and directly addresses the above described market. Few other technologies have this laser-like focus on enhancing sales staff productivity on the shop floor. Nonetheless, the obtainable financial benefits have to be shared with retailers, other technologies and direct competitors. It is assumed that device assisted sales technology can realistically capture and service 5% of the staff automation market and that Count3r can obtain a market share of 30%. Therefore, Count3r's serviceable obtainable market in the Netherlands is estimated to amount: €41.7 million.

2, 2017 (website)
3 McKinsey, Rewriting retail, 2016 (report)
4 PwC, Measuring up, 2013 (report)
5 McKinsey, A future that works, 2017 (report)

Available device assisted sales market in Western Europe: €3.5 billion

The total Western European retail revenues are approximately €2.94 trillion.6 Extrapolating the Dutch figures to the Western European market leads to an available market estimate of €3.5 billion. The total available device assisted sales market globally is almost seven times that size: €23.3 billion. 6 Count3r wants to become a major player in capturing this global market.

6 PwC, 2015-16 Outlook for the Retail and Consumer Products Sector in Asia, 2015


Count3r is the central Smart Store platform, devoted to serving employees. As a result, Count3r does not compete with large corporate software companies heads on, but creates a new 'blue ocean' market by cherry-picking the best of each system (e.g. ERP, POS, CRM and eCommerce) and blending it into one application. Some of the traditional retail software manufacturers (e.g. IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce) have made moves towards in-store assisted selling apps. Unlike Count3r, these apps are usually simple extensions of current offerings, very much legacy system focused, and not putting the needs of employees first.

Other companies also have dedicated device assisted sales platforms. Most notably, Tulip Retail (Canada) and MadMobile (US) are serving some big name chains in the US and growing fast. Count3r is the only assisted selling platform in Europe to date. With the American markets still for grabs and with new EU data regulation coming into effect next year, we expect to maintain our leading position in Europe and benefit from early mover advantages.

Some retail chains will aim to build device assisted sales platforms in-house. However, these projects are time consuming, expensive, and always at risk of being already obsolete at the moment they are rolled out. Other competition comes from online players that simply try to copy solutions from the web to the store. These solutions generally lack the physical retail experience, ignore the strengths of stores and effectively just create a 'regular' webshop inside a brick-and-mortar store.

Current customers

Count3r is proud of Media Markt as a launching customer. We have executed twelve paid pilots in seven stores and are generating revenues for more than two years. These experiences have lead to annual contracts with a couple of stores and our admission to their global Spacelab Tech Accelerator. We were selected as one of three companies out of dozens of applications. After the program, the parent company MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group did a strategic investment in Count3r and contractually committed to roll-out to all 49 Media Markt stores in the Netherlands as a first step.

Customer Feedback

Within one year we want all our Dutch stores to use Count3r's tablet app and improve our service towards customers. It is expected that the other stores in Germany and elsewhere in Europe will follow.

Dennis Hooijmans, VP Services & Solutions MediaMarktsaturn Group (former COO Media Markt The Netherlands)

Count3r is my personal favorite, because they bring the benefits of online shopping to the physical store. The iPad provides all product information to staff and helps them to serve critical and well-prepared customers with personal advice. Count3r optimizes selling on the shop floor.

Henk Hofstede, Sector Banker Retail ABN-AMRO

New customers

Future customers come from different retail segments. Count3r can be used for any durable goods purchase. The current sales pipeline includes companies, such as: Bridgestone (tyres), ANWR Group (shoes and Sport 2000 sports gear), Pon Holdings (automotive and Gazelle Bicycles), C&A (clothing), Blokker Holding (household, toys, furniture, and more), and Yamaha Motors (motors, off road, boats, generators). The goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to convert these and other companies to become satisfied Count3r customers.


Sales pitch

Do physical stores fit a world that no longer exists? Online shopping has been the main driver of innovation in retail, but customers still go to physical stores for 90% of purchases. Count3r blends the best of both worlds and transforms the physical store into a Smart Store.

Customers demand more knowledgeable store staff, and desire easier store and checkout processes. Count3r is the tablet app for sales staff to turn physical stores truly digital. Store associates with Count3r sell the way customers wants to buy nowadays. Staff sells 20% more and more profitably.

Marketing and sales channels

Count3r's sales funnel includes the following steps:

  • Creating awareness, sharing expertise and getting in touch through cold calling, speaking engagements, content marketing, industry events and our wider network
  • Introduction meetings enable us to share our story, navigate through the retail company, and find the right people within the organisation
  • A joint pilot workshop gets all relevant people in the same room and establishes agreement on the objectives of the following pilot phase
  • The paid co-creation pilot phase takes 3 to 6 months and modifies the existing Count3r app to the specific needs of the retailer
  • The co-created app is ready for roll-out and sold as a SaaS solution

Marketing objective

The first awareness phase intends to have people talk about Count3r, spread our story, and get that first meeting with large retailers. Our goal is to move to a joint pilot workshop after two to four explorative meetings, phone calls and/or demos. We expect to convert one out of four companies who had an introductory meeting with us to do a pilot workshop. Subsequently, we aim to add one third of companies that did a workshop as a satisfied customer after the co-creation pilot phase.


Worldwide product content provider

Provider of cross-selling tools

Hardware partner to supply tablets

Facilitator of the Enterprise App Store

Payment service provider

Payment service provider

Platform for flexible labour

Mapping and navigation solutions

Startup accelerator in Amsterdam

Academic partner & investor

Research partner

Marketing & advertising agency


Realised and expected revenues

Count3r's main revenue stream comes from selling monthly licences of the sales staff app and separate licences for unique features. Additionally, Count3r and its partners facilitate retailers to buy or lease required equipment for the Smart Store, generating a second source of income. Finally, Count3r generates revenue with paid pilot projects at prospective customers. This income stream has been the major source of income for the past two years.

2015 - €35,000
2016 - €85,000
2017 - €253,200
2018 - €1,619,000
2019 - €5,220,500
2020 - €11,308,400
2021 - €19,750,800


  1. Media Markt is the main driver of early stage growth. It is assumed that the contractually agreed rollout in the Netherlands fully materializes and that 25% of all stores in Europe will follow. With an assumed average of 15 licences per store, this amounts to 6500 licences in total. Hardware supplies are expected to be limited at Media Markt.
  2. The financial forecasts include a single size average customer for simplification. Actual customers will be smaller or larger. This average customer is assumed to grow to 1300 total licences in two years (20% the size of Media Markt). The typical customer is expected to start with a paid six month co-creation pilot and also lease some hardware.
  3. Given our current sales pipeline we expect to add 2 customers in 2017. It is assumed that sales efforts steadily improve over time and 16 customers will be added in year 5. The total number of customers by the end of 2021 will be 41, with over 37,000 licences (or approximately 6 customers the size of Media Markt).
  4. Staff (hiring) is Count3r's main cost driver and assumed to be in line with the growth of sales. The recruiting is differentiated between more fixed and upfront roles (e.g. software developers, sales professionals, and marketeers), and roles directly correlating with sales (e.g. implementors, support staff).
  5. Other costs involve the cost of goods sold and overhead. Costs of goods sold (e.g. third-party software) are assumed to scale linearly with sales. Overhead costs (e.g. selling expenses) are growing in line with the number of staff employed.
  6. Large retailers often demand favourable payment terms. The cash flow consequences have been taken into account in the financial model. It assumes most retailers to pay only after 60 days, and Count3r's average payment terms to be less than 30 days.

Investments so far

Count3r has been funded for almost €600.000 by management, informal investors, formal investors, customers and government grants.

  • Delft Enterprises (Investment fund of Delft University of Technology): €250.000
  • Private Investors: €170.000
  • MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group: €100.000 (convertible loan)
  • Government grants: €75.000

Investment need

Count3r is looking to raise €250k to increase the number of customers and grow our team. Our stretch goal is €400k or more, to speed up (international) expansion and further improve our product offering. The different funding goals and corresponding investment plans are described below.

  • 1.Crowdfunding goal: € 250K
  • Accelerate growth in the Netherlands and add new retail customers
  • Focus investment and team expansion on sales, marketing and implementation (€ 170k)
  • Expand product development team to serve new customers (€ 40k)
  • Organize a special Smart Store Community Day for crowdfunders and other invitees to learn, share, and discuss the latest trends and innovations around smart stores
  • 2.Stretch goal: € 400K
  • Expansion to the wider BeNeLux retail market (€ 100k)
  • Accelerate product development roadmap to enable rapid expansion (€ 50k)
  • Organise monthly Smart Store meetups
  • 3.More than € 400K
  • Expansion to Germany, UK & Scandinavia retail markets
  • Develop Count3r as the central retail staff platform for the Smart Store
  • Diversify to other sectors: financial services, travel, hospitality, and others
  • Foundation of a Smart Store Knowledge & Innovation Center in collaboration with Delft University of Technology and other partners

The Smart Store is more than technology alone. We want to make retail better for everybody: retailers, employees and customers. But in order to be really successful, we believe we need to build a community and bring all stakeholders together. Therefore, we are also inviting people to invest time, knowledge and energy and help Count3r to build this community.

Use of proceeds

The funding will be used to invest in sales, marketing and implementation of new customers. Further product development will mostly be financed from revenue. The €250k crowdfunding goal will be spent in the following way.

(For more details, see investment plan Symbid)

ROI and exit policy

Investors can sign up for our convertible loan, and convert the loan to shares of the company in a later stage or receive full repayment of the loan including 8% annual interest after 60 months.

Conversion to shares happens along with the next investment round. Investors in the current crowdfunding round can convert at a 15-30% discount, and investors of the first €150k will receive an additional 5% early-bird discount.

Count3r has been valued at €2M in Q3 2016 and aims to find a follow-up investment (and conversion moment) in Q2 2018.

Various exit opportunities are imaginable. An acquisition by a retail customer or software company (e.g. ERP, POS, CRM, eCommerce, etc.) are most likely. Acquiring Count3r helps a retail company to internalize capabilities to serve today's connected customers. Software companies can vertically integrate and get a stronger presence in the heart of every sales conversation.

Additionally, Count3r offers the following premium rewards to investors:

  • Investors of €20 can win one of 100 tickets for the Smart Store Community Day
  • Investors of €250 are guaranteed a ticket for the Smart Store Community Day
  • Investors of €1,000 receive a ticket for the Smart Store Community Day, can submit their question for the panel discussion, and are invited for pizza and drinks with the Count3r team and special guests
  • Investors of €5,000 receive 3 tickets for the Smart Store Community Day, can submit a topic for a round table session with hand-picked experts, and are invited for pizza and drinks with the Count3r team and special guests
  • Investors of €25,000 receive 10 tickets for the Smart Store Community Day, are invited for pizza and drinks with the Count3r team and special guests, and can select one of the following rewards: be a keynote speaker at the event, become official (corporate) partner of the event, or receive a personalized in-house Smart Store brainstorm workshop with the Count3r team.


Company specific risks:
  • The agreed adoption at Media Markt is slow, or demand from other customers is low. A slow adoption at Media Markt can be mitigated by finding other customers and vice versa. The current crowdfunding round allows for at least 9 months of finding a solid source of income (or an additional investment).
  • There is a booming market for retail innovations, possibly attracting other companies and creating stiff competition. Nonetheless, Count3r has an early mover advantage and focusses specifically on the sales staff support technology niche market.
  • Count3r might not be able to materialize the full potential of the data-driven store, due to new and stricter European data regulations. However, this could also offer opportunities to maintain our leading position in Europe over competition from abroad.
  • Legacy IT systems could slow down implementations of Count3r at retail chains. Though, Count3r already has experience with making these integrations and we assume a 6 month implementation period. In the future, we plan to hire employees with this specific expertise.
  • Employees are our biggest asset. Some of the roles we expect to hire are in high demand and could prove challenging to find. One way to solve this, is by offering interesting internship positions, train them on the job, and hire the biggest talents.
General funding risks:
  • The Lender agrees that its claims against the Borrower under this convertible loan agreement rank below all other, non-subordinated, claims against the Lender as referred to in Section 3:277.2 Dutch Civil Code ('BW').
  • Lender issues a (subordinated) convertible loan to convert at a later stage to depositary receipts to become a shareholder of the company. Lender expects an (exponential) growth of value of the company with the possibility to sell the depositary receipts with a capital gain. However, in many situations such capital gains do take several more years after conversion to be realized. Counterbalancing the opportunity of high returns in case of exponential value growth of the company, there is a risk that investments will be lost in case of disappointing results.
  • Please read carefully about the risks of investing in a convertible loan through Symbid here. There you can also obtain insight in the default reporting of Symbid, before deciding to invest.